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Justice School 5.24

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The Justice School 5.24’s mission is to provide opportunities for anyone interested in social justice to receive training and resources to fulfill their mission, wherever it might be in the world.
Our introductory course (Wave One) is designed for anyone who feels a need for justice burning in their hearts.
Our second-level course (Wave Two) is specifically for organizational leaders and frontline workers.
In both, you get the chance to learn from seasoned leaders of justice-oriented organizations and connect with 27 Million’s global network of partners.

Our Story

The Justice School 5.24 began as a three-week in-person course that took place in Brazil in 2018 and in Mexico in 2019. In 2020, we ran the first online, fully trilingual, and four-week version of the course.
Join us online this year as this school continues to grow and expand!


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